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 Geovation Challenge 2017: Innovation for Greener, Smarter Cities

Geovation Challenge 2017: Innovation for Greener, Smarter Cities

22nd September 2017

Are you interested in how we can make our communities and cities more future-proof? Would you like to develop an idea using smart technologies and build this into a sustainable business? Our next Geovation Challenge is looking at how we can make our communities greener and smarter. 


The Swirrl 'Unlocking the Power of Government Data' conference

29th June 2017

The Swirrl 'Unlocking the Power of Government Data' conference

Arriving at any event and the first thing you get handed is a He-Man sticker is always the sign that it's going to be a good day and the Swirrl 'Unlocking the Power of Government Data' conference did not disappoint. It really was a stellar cast of speakers from the data community.


Future geographers at GEO Business in May

15th June 2017

Future geographers at GEO Business in May

AGI Members Dave and Matt, supported by others, enjoyed taking part in the two-day GEO Business conference in London, manning the AGI stand and delivering an interactive session on future geographers.


English academic wins Global Citizen Award

1st November 2016

English academic wins Global Citizen Award

Emeritus Professor Ian Masser is set to receive the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Global Citizen award during the Association’s Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on December 2nd 2016. ‘This is the greatest moment in my life’ he said, ‘I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the news.’


AGI Council Elections - Background Information for Council Candidates

19th October 2016

AGI Council Elections - Background Information for Council Candidates

About the AGI

As the Association for Geographic Information, we lead, connect and develop a community of members who use or benefit from geographical information.

We champion the value that the intersection of geography and information has for the economy, business and for the individual.

We do this because GI touches every part of today’s life and to provide a voice to our members.

The AGI is independent and balanced and offers equal standing to every type of member. We’re not just a trade body, learned body or policy influencer – we are engaged in all.

Governance and Finance

The day-to-day running of the AGI is covered by contracted resource, but ultimate responsibility lies with Council. Members of Council are also Directors as the AGI is a company limited by guarantee.

There are 15 Council elected members and these are:

  • David Henderson (Chair)
  • Graham Wallace (Vice Chair)
  • Abigail Page (Hon Secretary)
  • Andy Wells (Hon Treasurer)
  • Anne Kemp (Past Chair)
  • Ian Coady*
  • James Cutler
  • Anne McDowell
  • Duncan Hill
  • Dave Lovell
  • Matt Pennells
  • David Roberts**
  • Mike Saunt (resigned 2016)
  • Elizabeth Sutchbury
  • Simon Wheeler (resigned 2016)

* Term coming to an end this year and are eligible to re-stand

**Term coming to an end this year and are not eligible to re-stand

From this Council, up to 7 Directors are nominated by Council to form an Executive Group. The Executive Group acts on Council policy and guidance to provide a day-to-day steer to the AGI team. The key areas of responsibility of the executive group are:

  • AGI strategy to implement policy set by Council
  • Operational implementation of Council policy
  • AGI GeoCom co-ordination

AGI, being a commercial organisation, is not immune to the current financial situation in the UK and is facing some challenges regarding maintaining income levels. Within 2017 the organisation will need to address these challenges and look to transition to a sustainable model of operations that supports a change in focus. Audited accounts and the current financial situation are available to all members considering standing for Council on request. The AGI Executive group would also welcome discussions with potential candidates seeking further information,

Council Role Description

Council are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the AGI has a clear vision, mission and strategic objectives
  • Ensuring that the AGI’s operations and governance are carried out to the highest possible standard
  • Ensuring that the AGI’s financial strategy is sound
  • Ensuring that the AGI fulfils its legal obligations as a company

Key tasks:

  • Attend regular board meetings – meetings are generally every two months and are held alternately in London and Southampton, lasting about 6 hours. Papers are circulated in advance, and council members are expected to come to meetings prepared, so that time can be spent making decisions rather than going over reports
  • Represent the AGI to external partners (e.g. sponsors and GI organisations) and at external events
  • All serving Council members also undertake other activities such as serving on the working committees, regional groups and/or special interest groups
  • Support the AGI Team – Council does not take part in the day-to-day running of AGI, but Directors are expected to take on specific individual actions according to their skills and capacity (e.g. writing the annual review, reviewing policies, helping prepare the annual budget, marketing, sponsorship)

Further information:

Remuneration – Council members are not paid. Modest expenses to attend AGI Council meetings can be covered if prior approval is sought

Length of term -  Council members are elected for three years. At the end of their three year term, they are required by our Memorandum and Articles of Association to stand down, although they may seek re-election for one further three year period.

Person specification:

The most important quality we are looking for in a new Council member is enthusiasm! If you are passionate about the AGI and its mission then we want to hear from you! No qualifications or previous experience is necessary. However, please bear in mind the following:

  • You must not be disqualified from being a Director
  • You must be a member of the AGI
  • You must be able to commit the time to prepare for and attend Council meetings (6 full day meetings a year and one two day meeting with the second day being a Saturday) in addition to other tasks required by Council

If you are in full-time employment, it is important that you and your employer understand and consider this commitment fully. Council Members contribute on average 1-2 days per month to fulfil the role e.g. meeting sponsors, writing PR material, organising events.

To ensure we maintain a balanced and functional Council, in 2017 we would be pleased to be joined by people with skill and expertise in finance, marketing, events promotion and motivating volunteers. Nominations of those with a background in SMEs would be particularly welcome.

Should you wish to have an informal discussion about the role before standing for Council, or would like assistance with a nomination, you are welcome to contact AGI Honorary Secretary This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any of the current members of Council.


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