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Membership Benefits

Provides a focus for the GI community

We provide many event networking opportunities for our members, which encourage debate and forward thinking for the benefit of the whole community.

Promotes the value and benefit of GI

We work hard to ensure that the AGI's voice extends beyond the gi industry, as the considerable pace of technological advancements enables everyone to do more with their data.

Represents the GI community to policy makers

Infuencing policy is a key driver for the AGI, given the reach that geographical information has on all our lives. Thus we are continually forging new senior relationships which aid our mission.

Keeps an eye on emerging markets

Our annual Big5 series of events focus on the key trends for gi professionals across all markets, ensuring cross fertilisation of ideas and new business opportunities for our partner members.

Encourages best practice and innovation

The AGI's Annual Awards reflect the importance we place on current best practice and innovative uses of geographical information across all sectors, be they commercial or public.

Promotes training, education and CPD

We actively encourage our student members and indeed all our members to continue learning and exchanging their expertise with each other about all things geospatial.

Latest News

Success depends on collaboration

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

With so much at stake, it is vitally important that a far-reaching geospatial strategy for the UK is built on the strongest possible foundations. The task at hand is substantial and the potential benefits for our members – for us all – is immense.

Strategic Support Consultancy for the AGI

Friday, 03 August 2018

As we head towards our 30th anniversary, our industry is experiencing momentous change – not least as a result of work being done by the Geospatial Commission. With this in mind, we’re looking for strategic support consultancy…

Open MasterMap Webinar - Recording Available

Monday, 25 June 2018

Speakers from the Geospatial Commission and Ordnance Survey joined us today, to talk about the proposals made to date for opening up OS MasterMap.

Abigail Page, AGI Chair, presented the session. As it was an open session, for non-members too, we included a short piece explaining who we are and what our aim is - helping to promote the use of geospatial information in as many ways as possible. Then we handed over to Chris Chambers, an AGI Council member and Geospatial Lead at OS; plus Catherine McGrath and Jamie Clark on behalf of the Geospatial Commission. 

Response to OS MasterMap update by Geospatial Commission

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Improving access to information helps our economy to thrive, and may have a positive impact on all of our lives. The AGI welcomes the Geospatial Commission’s announcement today as a sign of long-term commitment to realising the potential of geospatial information in, and for, Great Britain.


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