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1Spatial enhances data format support and FME integration in rules engine

Global software and solutions leader, 1Spatial is advancing their platform, adding a variety of new capabilities to their patented rule engine technology.

Changes in 1Integrate 3.4 include native support for GML and GeoJSON formats, and a new FME Server data store, allowing data to be passed to, and from, FME workspaces. Building upon 1Spatial’s close partnership with SAFE software, users can now combine the unique capabilities of 1Spatial’s rules engine with the extensive range of FME transformations and supported formats.

Other improvements include a new way to manage folder permissions, simplifying and securing enterprise use of 1Integrate across multiple projects by defining access groups. Additionally, ESRI users can now choose to resolve domains within their file geodatabases (fgdb). This allows stored values to be read as they are, read in the resolved values, or maintained as both within the data.

Charley Glynn, Senior Product Manager for 1Integrate says “This is another bumper release of 1Integrate following on from 3.3. Among all the enhancements, we continue to increase our format support with new Data Stores for GML, GeoJSON and FME Server. The latter allows you to leverage the transformation capabilities of the FME platform which opens a whole world of opportunity – we are really excited to see how this gets used.

This is another milestone in the evolution of 1Integrate and shows that we are continuing to listen to our users and add value at pace. We are now focused on a major release that we can’t wait to share with you later this year!”

For more information on 1Integrate and the rest of the 1Spatial Platform, visit 1spatial.com.

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