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The sustainability power of space-based technology

Sustainability is not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about the benefits of using space-based technology in industry. But the reality is that it underpins sustainability solutions every day.

This is great news both in terms of reducing our impact on the planet and for industries that are facing increasing requirements from the public, stakeholders and legislation to operate more sustainably. Robust green credentials are increasingly important to those who consume products and services. And, across the globe, legislation is compelling industry to work differently. In the UK, for example, companies already report their GHG emissions, and, from April 2022, the largest companies and financial institutions will have to report on climate-related risks and opportunities, ensuring they consider climate change in their major decisions.

Supporting sustainability behind the scenes

When you look behind the scenes of space-based technology and data, it is heartening to see how supporting sustainability is such a strong thread running through the technology. Take Earth Observation (EO) technologies that monitor and assess the natural and manufactured environment. Although the primary purpose of this data might not be related to sustainability, in many cases, the data is proving to be critical to sustainability decision-making. And when we look at the growing role of satellite communications, we see a wide range of projects that are using the technology to promote sustainability goals.

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