AGI 2018+ – A Year in Review

2019 is our 30th anniversary, but 2018 was quite eventful! Here’s a quick look back at the last twelve months…


2018+ was a particularly significant year for the Association for Geographic Information. It culminated in a detailed response to the Geospatial Commission’s Call for Evidence – looking forward to a national geospatial strategy – and representation on your behalf in Westminster. But there were also many highlights along the way, not least of which was our National Groups’ many events … and a wide and varied programme of networking across the UK. With that in mind, our 2018 Year in Review PDF will bring you the diverse achievements of your Association’s work over the last twelve months, and this was all made possible by our members’ continued support.

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The focus in 2018 was on engagement with government. In 2019, we want to carry on making your voice heard as we continue on our mission to maximise the use of geographic information for the benefit of citizens, commerce, and good governance. 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Association for Geographic Information.

… and we predict that #AGI30 will be an exciting year!

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