AGI Council and Exec Committee 2019

The AGI is inspired and run by its members, and we’re delighted to announce the members who’ll be representing you in the form of our new Council and Executive Committee for 2019.

Behind the scenes, the Association for Geographic Information is a company that’s limited by guarantee. This means that – while the majority of our work is done by volunteers – we have all the corporate governance one might expect for a busy, professional organisation. That governance, our activities, and the management of our resources is overseen by your AGI Council. These individuals are nominated on an annual basis, and they then work on your behalf for a period of three consecutive years. 

Your Council meets at least five times each year, coming together to review work to date and to coordinate activities on your behalf. In the interim, the Executive Committee liaises on a regular basis – weekly or daily as is necessary – to ensure the Association’s work maintains the right level of momentum.

We’re very grateful to our Council members’ employers for supporting this work, in all its forms. 

Chair, Vice-Chair, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer

This year, we’re pleased to announce the Chair of the Association for Geographic Information will be Matthew Leaver, Technical Director GIS & Geospatial at Arcadis. Vice-Chair of the Association for Geographic Information will be James Cutler, CEO at emapsite Limited.

Our Hon Secretary will be Steve Campbell, Head of Spatial Analysis for the Ministry of Housing, Communities, and Local Government (MHCLG), and support for our Honorary Treasurer’s role is being provided by Peter Reynolds, a finance graduate working with Ordnance Survey.

Find out more about your AGI 2019 Council here.

Welcoming Caitlin to the AGI team

We’re also delighted to introduce Caitlin Dixon as our new Administrative Officer. Caitlin is from Montreal, Canada: she has a Bachelor’s in Urban Geography at McGill and a Master’s in Urban Regeneration and Development at the University of Manchester – so she’ll be keeping us all on our toes, we’re sure!