AGI ECN Career Event May 2019 – The first big step toward nurturing the future GI professional in Scotland

For many of you in the last stages of hectic academic life, it may feel like you are standing at a crossroads, not fully prepared for what’s in front of you.

For some, it will be the time to start thinking about what to do for a career, while others may already know exactly what they want but are struggling to receive job offers or even be short-listed for a role. There is plenty of career advice out there, but from my own experience, I felt it was often much too general. For our AGI members, I believe more specific, up-to-date and tailored advice to be more helpful.

With that in mind, and after nearly two years of toying with ideas to seriously plan an event and make it happen, here we are – we made it happen!

For AGI-Scotland and the Early Career Network (ECN), the 2nd May marked the memorable day when our very first career event took place in Scotland. The event was split into two parts. In the first session, we had four speakers from various sectors and backgrounds who talked about their career journeys and their typical days at work. They got down to the nitty-gritty of getting the job you want in the geospatial industry and offered sector specific job-hunting tips.



Iain Paten, Project Manager at Improvement Service, delivered a very useful talk for those trying to get a job with local authorities; ranging from the type of career opportunities offered, where to look for job openings and the pros and cons of working for local authorities. The key elements in the recruitment and hiring process were discussed, followed by practical career advice.

Ryland Karlovich, Technical Consultant at Informed Solutions, provided key insights into building a technical career path while engaging with the audience through his own story, when he was seeking a challenging role that could give him a chance to learn new skills and open the door to varied professional opportunities. It surely inspired those in the audience who were particularly interested in the pursuit of a technical role.

Shona Nicol, Head of the Geographic Information Science & Analysis Team (GI-SAT), gave an overview on the role of GI-SAT, the broad set of analysis and innovation delivered by them, and the skillset systematically defined by its capability framework that standardised job roles and skills across the Scottish Government. It was must-have information for those wishing to get a job in Scottish Government.

Abigail Page, past Chair of the AGI and Product Development Manager at EuroGeographics, outlined key points about the role of the AGI and gave an overview of the Geospatial Commission and advice on geospatial opportunities available. Drawing on her own experience of working overseas, she emphasised the importance of looking outside the UK to global organisations – international experience can give you added value. There were many useful tips for finding an edge in order to win that exciting new role you are looking for.

After the talks, the participants enjoyed a Q & A session and networking over coffee, tea and a delicious selection of cakes!

In the second session, all our speakers and some of the AGI-Scotland committee members (including myself) offered a one-to-one CV clinic in a lively and friendly atmosphere where both organisers and delegates engaged in vibrant discussion. The whole gathering was very engaging, informative and interactive. We had fantastic feedback during and after the event from the participants – and overall it was a huge success!

Thank you for all who came to the event; we were equally inspired by all your interesting career journeys and aspirations for the future.

Because of the success of our inaugural career event, we will be running the same event next year. For those who missed this time or will be in the position to look for a job then, keep your eyes open for the event on the AGI website.

Article written by: Mayuko Morgan

ECN Scotland Rep & AGI Scotland Committee Member