AGI GeoCymru 2021 – The Green Recovery – Reflections and Highlights

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the successful GeoCymru event this year.  I really enjoyed the event, the range of speakers and perspectives, the increased female speakers from our industry, and a showcase of what’s happening to support the Welsh Green Recovery.

It’s easy to take this for granted when you’re close to it, but it’s clear that Wales continues to be a wonderful place to innovate with geospatial.

I’m humbled when I reflect on previous conferences and back to my early days volunteering with AGI in 2014. Many of our ambitions are now reality, chief among those is a collaborative geospatial sharing platform for all of Wales, now realised with DataMapWales! This is entirely down to the open and friendly collaboration in our Welsh geocommunity.

Thank you for contributing to the event as an attendee, sponsor or speaker. A special thank you to the AGI Cymru committee and AGI admin support for the organising work.

For those of you unable to attend I’ve written a highlights and summary of the event from my perspective.

Morgan Commins on behalf of AGI Cymru