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UK GEMINI (GEo-spatial Metadata INteroperability iNItiative) is a specification for a set of metadata elements for describing geospatial data resources. It has been produced and is maintained by the Standards Committee. It is provided free of charge by the AGI for the benefit of the GI community.

Work progress on UK GEMINI 2.3

The AGI Standards Committee intended to publish version 2.3 of UK GEMINI in early 2016. Due to delays in Europe and the UK, public review will now be towards the end of 2017. This revision will incorporate material prepared by the UK Location Programme, and currently published at, and update it for change requests from INSPIRE and other users.  AGI is grateful to Defra for funding this work. The new content will be published under a Creative Commons license.

For a taste of the new consolidated structure, currently with GEMINI 2.2 content, see restructured GEMINI

The INSPIRE Metadata Technical Guidelines include an informative annex describing those metadata elements which are described further in specific INSPIRE Data Specifications. In October 2017, we attempted to ask all those who have published GEMINI metadata records to whether we should include these elements in GEMINI. You can find a summary of the 36 responses, and the working group's plans for each element here.

GEMINI 2.3 will not include any changes related to the publication of ISO 19115-1:2014; GEMINI will remain based on ISO 19115:2003.

Work being contracted

AGI has let two small contracts to update the UK GEMINI content on the AGI development website to take account of revised INSPIRE Guidance; update the associated Schematron files; and further restructure that content to be more internally consistent and user-friendly. We hope that both will be completed by the end of August 2017.

AGI will publish the resulting content, initially for public review, with the Metadata Working Group of AGI’s Standards Committee being responsible for technical acceptance.

Current version: 2.2, published December 2012

Version 2.2 of UK GEMINI2 includes changes requested by the UK Location Programme Metadata Working Group resulting from the implementation of the national geospatial metadata service.

  • UK GEMINI Standard v2.2
  • UK GEMINI Standard v2.1
  • Guidelines for UK GEMINI Part 1 Introduction
    Covers the basics of metadata.
  • Guidelines for UK GEMINI Part 2 Creating Metadata using UK GEMINI
    Provides a set of detailed guidelines for compiling UK GEMINI metadata elements.
  • Guidelines for UK GEMINI Part 3 Metadata Quality
    Deals with metadata quality and covers quality evaluation and quality management of metadata including guidance on establishing acceptable quality levels.

Comments on UK GEMINI including suggestions for further developments, or on the Guidelines, may be submitted This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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