AGI Scotland Annual Conference 2022 – Register Now!

Join us virtually this year – 23-24 February 2022 (Mornings Only)

We are pleased to announce that this year’s AGI-Scotland annual conference will take place during the mornings of Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th February 2022. Due to the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19 and in the spirit of making this event accessible to a wide audience, this year’s conference will once again be held online.

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The theme for this year’s event is “Global to Local; What Scotland can offer the world and what the world can offer Scotland. We are facing some truly imminent global challenges! Join us to hear how Scotland’s GI community is innovating to tackle these challenges and gather insights from the international community on their successes that can help us, in Scotland, to achieve our goals.

We have several fantastic speakers already lined up, including

Heather Stewart, British Geological Survey

“Exploring the Underworld: Mapping the deepest reaches of Earth’s oceans”

The deepest parts of the ocean are one of the final remaining frontiers of discovery on our planet. Much of the deep ocean is unmapped and draws in explorers, scientists, cartographers and environmentalists keen to discover its secrets. Over the last 5 years, the BGS’s Heather Stewart has participated on four projects studying 17 trenches within the Pacific, Atlantic, Southern, and Indian oceans, and was Chief Geologist for the global Five Deep Expedition.

John Nelson, Maps and UX at Esri

“Candid Cartography”

Sometimes a completed map is a bit of a mystery. In this presentation, we’ll make a map together, from scratch, in 256 simple steps. We’ll cover the reasons behind each to see how they add up to a completed, reasonably coherent, picture. Will the resulting map be any good? Who knows! Will it serve as a vehicle to share ideas, rationale, techniques, hacks, and workarounds?

If you would like to speak at this year’s conference or would like to suggest ideas for presentations that you would like us to consider, please get in touch by 31 December.

This annual event is the biggest get together across Scotland’s GI community so please register now and join us! Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and members keep an eye on out for mailings for updates as we announce further details over the coming months.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s AGI-Scotland conference.