AGI Scotland Career Event

As industries and our world undergo transformation in the digital age, the integration of GIS and data science has emerged as a powerful catalyst. This convergence creates exciting career opportunities for students and early career professionals, unlocking cross-disciplinary paths in GIS and Data Science. Professionals who can bridge the gap between these fields are in high demand.

During the event, we delved into the synergy between GIS and data science, while celebrating the diversity of career paths within the field. The beauty of a GIS career lies in its non-linear nature, offering a dynamic and ever-evolving adventure. Attendees were encouraged to embrace flexibility, pursue their interests, and carve their own unique paths in the vast and dynamic realm of GIS.

Our highly anticipated face-to-face career event returned to Edinburgh on May 4th this year (May the forth be with you!). We curated an impressive lineup of speakers and panellists who generously shared their insights to support those pursuing careers in the Geospatial sector. The panel discussion featured a diverse group of experts from GIS and data science backgrounds, discussing the benefits and real-world applications of merging these domains.

The event also featured inspiring talks from professionals representing different sectors and backgrounds. They shared their experiences and projects, covering topics such as urban planning, non-traditional GIS career paths, skill enrichment, graduate schemes, and the intersection of data science and GIS. The popular CV clinic provided attendees with the opportunity to receive reviews and advice from seasoned professionals across various GIS sectors in Scotland.

We sincerely hope that all attendees enjoyed every minute of the event and took away valuable insights to aid them in their job-hunting journey. The event provided a wealth of useful takeaways that can be applied in their career pursuits.