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British Standards Institute’s “International Standards Maker” Awards

AGI Member Dr. Anne Kemp won for her role as an ISO Convenor pushing forward BIM standards, while Dr. Roger Lott of the AGI Standards Committee won for his contributions to geodesy – standards, managing the EPSG registry, and work on developing the ISO Geodetic Registry.

The BSI International Standards Maker award recipients will have demonstrated how their contribution has specifically supported UK interests / positions in the development of a standard(s) which has a significant impact on industry, the economy and/or the public good.

Dr Anne Kemp was nominated for the International Standards-Maker award for her role as Convenor of ISO/TC 59/SC 13/WG 13 Implementation of collaborative working over the asset lifecycle. Anne’s huge achievement is bringing the BIM ISO 19650-1 and 2 standards to a successful conclusion.

Roger Lott has contributed his skill and experience as a geodesist to IST/36 Geographic information and ISO TC/211 for many years, showing his commitment to open standards, consensus-building and diplomacy.

The full report and the complete list of all award winners can be found here:


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