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Cadcorp SIS 9 service release optimises user experience

Customer led enhancements and updated support for Ordnance Survey data products makes SIS 9 smoother than ever

A number of updates and enhancements have been made to Cadcorp SIS Desktop and Cadcorp SIS WebMap to build upon its intuitive operability. In SIS Desktop, a generic ‘location pin’ cursor has been added to indicate when the map is awaiting interaction and the Quick Access toolbar has been modernised with a simpler icon style.

As part of the service release, Cadcorp is continuing apace with its support of Ordnance Survey (OS) data products as standard. Support is up-to-date for OS Open Roads, OS Boundary-Line, OS OpenMap – Local, OS Open Rivers, and all in OGC GeoPackage format. SIS 9 supported OS Open Zoomstack data from the outset and in this release, includes the OS supplied Colour Vision Deficiency friendly styles.

Cadcorp SIS can read and display over 300 supported GIS, CAD, graphic and database formats, without the need for translation, and without the need to purchase add-on software. Multiple improvements to support for CAD data formats, specifically DGN and DWG are included in the release.

The user has also been given the option to exercise greater control over their data. Database connectivity can be optionally optimised, allowing SIS to decide, heuristically, how to split Overlays between ‘threads’ to streamline the number of database connections. It’s been made easier to remove incorrect dates fields, or to force a zero, null or blank string entry when editing a property value. The user can also control the data they are viewing in the Table Window, and how much data from the Table Window they wish to export such as the current set of rows or the whole Overlay.

In keeping with promoting smoother user experience, the Gazetteer interface has been updated to reduce the number of clicks required for a search, making options more accessible.

A number of user led enhancements have been made to SIS WebMap, notably adding support for the One Scotland Gazetteer to the Quick Search and the option to add a copyright statement to the print output. Updated zoom controls, layer switcher and key map styling in the embedded map, with individual layer controls are also featured.

Cadcorp FindIT, a planning constraints tool used by government planning and environment departments, has been updated as part of the latest service release too. Functionality has been expanded to highlighting the selected feature from the results dialog, zooming to and selecting the feature, with the option to toggle the original search feature on and off. FindIT queries can be run on individual maps and an Admin Interface has been added to provide easier configuration of each option and the overall FindIT settings. The Edit add-in to SIS WebMap also offers an Admin Interface, which provides support for defining mandatory free text attributes.

The service release incorporates a number of bug fixes, software updates and performance enhancements. For more information, visit

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Cadcorp is a British software development company focused on geographic information system (GIS) and web mapping software. It offers a complete suite of products – the Cadcorp Spatial Information System® (Cadcorp SIS®) – addressing all phases of spatial information management. Cadcorp SIS® is available worldwide through a network of Cadcorp partners and via a direct sales team in the UK, Cadcorp is an approved GIS supplier on G-Cloud.

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