CGI’s Machine Vision solution delivers a powerful source of IoT business intelligence by leveraging Artificial Intelligence

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Montréal, Quebec, 16 January 2024 

CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) today announces the launch of new computer vision solution, CGI Machine Vision, which uses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform asset and infrastructure monitoring. The solution enables organisations across industries to improve processes, increase efficiencies and reduce costs by generating business intelligence not previously possible through traditional monitoring solutions or human-only inspection.

CGI Machine Vision, developed by CGI AI experts in Australia, uses deep neural network AI and edge-computing technologies to extract data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Data captured by cameras, drones, and other IoT devices is processed by AI at the site of its collection and only relevant data is pushed to data operations. Edge-computing eliminates transmission delays and bandwidth concerns. With this real-time and relevant data, organisations benefit from deeper levels of data analysis, enabling the adoption of predictive and proactive operational models.

“The types of data and insights that AI technology can generate are truly limitless, leading to unprecedented use cases such as those advanced by CGI Machine Vision,” said Dr. Diane Gutiw, CGI Vice-President and Global AI Research Lead. “At CGI, we’re continuing to invest in AI and its responsible use to discover new ways for improving business and society through AI-powered business intelligence. This includes developing solutions like CGI Machine Vision to help organisations more effectively monitor and safeguard their valuable assets.”

With CGI Machine Vision, industries such as utilities, transportation, and telecommunications can continuously monitor remote infrastructure, identifying foliage incursion, deterioration through wear and tear, and other issues more effectively. Further, enabling computer vision on moving platforms, such as trains and trucks, improves citizen safety. In addition, CGI Machine Vision increases worker safety by monitoring safety compliance and threats.

“There are some things that simple telemetry and IoT sensors cannot detect, and many scenarios where physical, human inspection of assets is impractical, or where monitoring by video or camera produces data that cannot be usefully interpreted,” explains Neville Richards, Director, Consulting Services, Operational Technology for CGI in Australia. “CGI Machine Vision’s edge-AI technology can look for a range of issues and alert when problems are detected.”

He added, “The system can deliver immense value to organisations by enabling them to make the most out of their IoT tools and the data those tools generate. By providing a new stream of business intelligence, it can support a wide range of improvements to work processes and reduce costs.”

The Australian launch of CGI Machine Vision follows several successful pilots, including in the United Kingdom where it has been used by water treatment operators to enhance existing alert systems and provide real-time monitoring of remote and unattended sites.

CGI Machine Vision can be deployed on a range of vision capture devices and other sensors, and its AI-processed output can be tailored to integrate with a variety of client applications. The flexibility of the solution addresses a broad range of computer vision-oriented business challenges.

CGI’s end-to-end capabilities in data science and machine learning, combined with its deep domain knowledge and technology engineering skills, help clients generate new insights, experiences, and business models powered by AI. For more information on the company’s AI expertise and offerings, visit

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