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Enhancing the GREAT in 1Integrate

Cambridge, UK, 18th April 2023 (www.1spatial.com) 1Spatial, the global leader in location master data management solutions that support data governance, is excited to announce the launch of 1Integrate v4.0 – a revolutionary release of their no-code rules-engine that automatically checks, controls and transforms your data. 


1Integrate 4 introduces a brand-new user interface, expertly reworked for a smooth user experience and huge productivity gains.  


The rule builder interface has been redesigned in close collaboration with real users, making it much more dynamic and intuitive, guiding you through the authoring process. Mistakes are minimised through controls such as class name validation, and any errors that do occur are clearly displayed.  


Adding comments promotes easy co-operation between authors, and Node Previews make even the most complex rule logic easy to understand at a glance. 


A new rule and action debugging tool allows you to analyse and improve your rule logic, with step-by-step visualisation of how your data changes as it is processed. 


Improved navigation, filter and search options are paired with new intuitive icons and shortcuts to make it easy to find what you need, when you need it. Other improvements such as dark/light themes, a new user permissions structure and new REST API functionality make the system accessible and secure. 


All these changes and more are documented in new and improved online documentation, and when accompanied by interactive online training new and existing users of 1Integrate can get up to speed quickly and seamlessly. 


Charley Glynn, Senior Product Manager for 1Integrate says “This is a huge leap forward in the usability of 1Integrate. The product is now easier to use than ever before and has never looked so good. We have invested a lot of time and effort in getting to know our users, understanding their common pain points, and designing a brand new, intuitive interface. It’s not just aesthetic changes either as 1Integrate v4.0 also introduces lots of new functionality that we are confident will add value immediately. For me this is an exciting milestone in the products evolution – and it’s just the start as we have lots more to come!” 


Bob Chell, Chief Product Officer for 1Spatial added “The results of our revamped approach to UX and UI Design at 1Spatial is clear to see in this 1Integrate release. A lot of excellent work from the team, and our customers, to make sure we got it right. Our Product Design Principles played an important part in helping us frame many, many design decisions. We’ve got a wonderful foundation and experience to help us create improvements for all our 1Spatial Platform products. This release really says a lot about 1Spatial – how we make sense of the real world, it really portrays our brand values, and gives users a memorable and enjoyable experience. Trial it, and you will see what I mean.”  


For more information on 1Integrate and the rest of the 1Spatial Platform, visit 1spatial.com. 


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