Advanced Cadcorp SIS Desktop


26/07/2022 - 27/07/2022    
09:30 - 16:30

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Build upon the knowledge gained from attending the Introduction to Cadcorp SIS Desktop course. This training takes an in-depth look at how to filter, combine, and question your spatial data. Advanced methods of displaying your data by using functionality such as Advanced Thematic Maps and Process themes will be explored. You will learn how to produce a video output of a Temporal range of data and use the 3D mapping functionality.

▪ Creating Expressions and SQL Statements
▪ Creating Analysis and Process Overlays
▪ Hotspot Mapping
▪ Temporal Control Bar
▪ Advanced Thematic Maps
▪ Choropleth Themes
▪ Bivariate Themes
▪ Expression Themes
▪ Operation Themes
▪ Advanced Creating and Editing Spatial Data
▪ Routing Analysis
▪ 3D Mapping


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