Business Analysis Programme (5th Session)


10:00 - 16:30

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Scotland Excel and the Improvement Service have joined forces to deliver a Business Analysis Programme, adopting a work-based learning methodology.

The Business Analysis Programme has a broad scope focusing on the practical application of organisational analysis through to planning and implementing outcomes of the analysis. The programme will extend to managing projects and making informed decisions from the information available, including managing stakeholders across the organisation, with an awareness of the commercial aspects of analysis and innovation. All of these components will be considered from a local government context.

Part 1 of the programme will focus on understanding tools for business analysis and how to apply these. The second element will look at how to make proposals and decisions for innovation.

This programme is being created in response to a national shortage of business analysis expertise and expressions of interest from councils that are keen to upskill new or aspiring business analysts. The programme aligns learning with practical application through work-based projects.

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