EEO Seminar -  Analysing Planet Earth by Proxy: Earth Observation - Prof. Jochen Leidner, FRGS


17:00 - 18:00

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On Friday 9th July, 5-6pm we welcome Dr. Jochen L. Leidner, FRGS, Professor for Explainable and Responsible Artificial Intelligence in Insurance at Coburg University of Applied Sciences in Coburg, Germany.

His talk, Analysing Planet Earth by Proxy: Earth Observation, will take us through how increasingly online data sources are used to supplement primary sensor data with secondary data from the Internet.  And how the availability of large amounts of data from both these sources permits powerful new ways of analysis and prediction utilising the method toolbox from the computer science sub-discipline of machine learning.

This seminar is a “must see” event for anyone interested in Earth Observation, AI or big geospatial data!

A full abstract and details of how to register can be found on the Eventbrite page here