FME Form Introductory Training


22/05/2024 - 23/05/2024    
09:15 - 16:30

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This course is Tensing’s way of saying “Welcome to the FME Platform”, your journey starts with FME Form (previously FME Desktop) where all your automations are authored. Visual programming is at the heart of Data Integration, so let Tensing’s Certified FME Trainer guide your understanding of the FME tools and capabilities.

On our FME Form Introductory course we take you from zero to data hero, introducing you to the fundamentals and concepts of FME Workbench, the FME Data Inspector and the Quick Translator from the word go. We focus on the settings that are vital to be efficient, and the best approach to build excellent Workspaces that you and your team can be proud of. Unsurprisingly, Transformers, the tools that process your data, get plenty of airtime. We show you how to add them to your canvas, slick ways to use them and of course, we’ll help you understand which one to use next.

With so much data out there for you to process, we’ve also built our content around unique custom European and UK-based examples, that we use in our courses to give you a local context. We use this data so you can see how to read and write it effectively and make new integrations, and of course, all wrapped up with our best practice techniques and tips and tricks to help you be efficient quickly.

Our Certified FME Trainers in the UK are David Eagle and Simon Green and they’ve both got 15+ years of experience with the FME Platform, data integration, GIS analysis and of course, they’ve been delivering software training for most of their careers, so you’re definitely in a ‘Safe’ pair of hands.

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