QGIS Beginner (Online)


26/05/2021 - 27/05/2021    
09:00 - 17:00

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This two day course covers basic GIS concepts and the application of simple techniques and processes to analyse and interpret spatial data in QGIS. The course is most suited to delegates who are new to GIS or QGIS.

Course Outline – Day 1

Module 1: Introduction to GIS and QGIS

Fundamental GIS concepts
Coordinate reference systems
Open source QGIS software

Module 2: Navigating QGIS

Panels and toolbars
Identifying features

Module 3: Adding Data

Data Source Manager
Delimited text layers
Web services
Multiple map views
Converting data

Module 4: Querying Data

Attribute joins
Select by expression
Select by location

Module 5: Styles andSymbology

Styling vector layers
Symbol creation
Saving and sharing styles

Course Outline – Day 2

Module 6: Manipulating Data

Digitising features
Attribute edits and field calculation
Advanced editing
3D Visualisation

Module 7: Georeferencing

Adding raster layers
Georeferencer plugin
Geo-referencing techniques

Module 8: Processing and Analysis

Spatial joins
Spatial analysis

Module 9: Map Layouts

Print plugins
Designing maps
Layout Manager
Atlas generation
Dynamic text

Module 10: GeoPackages in QGIS

Creating a GeoPackage database
Storing and managing data
Savingstyles to a GeoPackage

AGI CPD Points: 8

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