GC Call for Evidence Webinar Recording

We’re responding in detail to the Geospatial Commission’s Call for Evidence. To ensure equitable representation of our community’s interests, we have asked for your views in a series of moderated live sessions which have taken place across the UK.  This webinar, recorded on 19 October, was free for members to attend. It now available below for members to view online.


 We’re seeing a rapidly evolving geospatial market. For the UK as a whole, that UK Government analysis of between £6bn and £11bn in benefits paints a very bright future. We want to be sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity, so your views on how and what that future looks like are formative.

The outcomes from our consultation with members will be published in three two forms: within our response to the Call for Evidence, as a paper that will be distributed exclusively to AGI members, and in a series of reports as the Commission’s work progresses. 


The AGI submission will be made by AGI Council by the deadline of 24 October. Any final views or comments from AGI Members for consideration for the submission should be emailed to Peter Ter Haar by noon on 22 October.