AGI UK Gemini

GEMINI 2.3 Launch

AGI is pleased to announce publication of the latest release of UK GEMINI, the UK profile and guidance for producing metadata describing geographic information datasets, series, and services.

If you are a data publisher, you need to use UK GEMINI in order for your metadata to work with the UK implementation of INSPIRE, via SDIs in the devolved administrations or directly to If you are a data user, you can use the search facilities in various portals to discover useful datasets. There is a European portal, a national UK portal (, sub-national portals and domain specific portals. Some of these support machine-to-machine searching direct from your desktop GIS.

This new version (2.3) consolidates material previously spread across several documents – we hope you will find that makes it easier to create and understand the metadata records.

AGI is grateful to Defra for funding part of this work, and to various member organisations for allowing their staff to work on it, and to our web support company (Web Foundry). Members from BODC, BGS, EDINA, HS2, MEDIN, Office for National Statistics, and Ordnance Survey, and several individual members all contributed to the revision.

GEMINI lives at