Gemini 2023 Round-Up

UK Gemini

The AGI Gemini Working Group has been hard at work in 2023 modernising the way that we publish and maintain the metadata standard.

Gemini was adopted as one of the first standards to be included in the UK Geospatial Data Standards Register in 2022, and since then we’ve ensured that the membership and governance of the group is as open and transparent as possible, with all our meeting minutes and membership details stored in our GitHub repository. We’ve also made it clear that the standard is available under a Creative Commons License.

Moving the publishing workflow to GitHub and maintaining the AGI styling and branding has been a long process, but we think the end result looks good! It’s now much easier for us to make changes, and in particular to address user issues, such as correcting mistakes or adding clarification.

We’re now meeting every two months and working through the backlog of proposed changes, and deciding whether we need a new release of the standard yet.

Finally, our long-standing Chair, Peter Parslow stood down this year, so that he has more time to focus on his work in the wider geospatial standards industry. The new Chair is Jo Cook from Astun Technology, who is also the AGI Standards Lead and BSI IST36 liaison.

If you would like to get more involved with the Gemini Working Group, or have any questions, then please get in touch via email to