Geospatial Commission – AGI Breakfast Briefing, Summary Reports

On 22nd February 2018, we invited a cross-section of the geo community to join us at a Breakfast Briefing on and with the Geospatial Commission. These are our reports…


  • Here, you’ll find our overview, a Short Summary of key points.
  • For access to the 12-page Full Summary of the event, please log in as an AGI Member and then navigate to our Resources page.


Our Geospatial Commission Breakfast Briefing introduced Marcus Bell (Cabinet Office, Geospatial Commission: Director, Open Data Projects) and Martin Jones, UK Earth Observations Group (Geospatial Commission: EO Team Lead) to an audience of representative members from the geocommunity: private and public sector.

Chaired by Dr. Mike Short, CBE, the discussion captured an update from the Geospatial Commission on progress made, its scope, and progress to date.

At the same time, attendees at the Briefing were able to ask questions and, indeed, to contribute a broad balance of views. Some spoke of the considerations and aspirations for the Geospatial Commission’s scope and remit, but all expressed great levels of enthusiasm for the Geospatial Commission’s work. The ‘size of the prize’ has yet to be determined.

As a membership association, the Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is a direct conduit to end-users, intermediaries, and beneficiaries who will be directly or indirectly impacted by the Geospatial Commission’s decisions, work, and outcomes.

We have a formative part to play, supporting the Geospatial Commission’s work.

  • From the Geospatial Commission Breakfast Briefing, we have created the following Short Summary of some key points: 

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AGI members are able to access our more detailed 12-page full Summary here: 

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