Home-Schooling Resources

We have gathered your home-schooling resources to keep our children learning all about our wonderful geographic world.

Educational Resources

The Royal Geographical Society with IBG provides a collection of resources for primary and secondary school students studying geography at home, including:

The RGS-IBG also lists a range of support and resources offered by other providers.

Ordnance Survey offer several educational resources for map reading and increasing one’s understanding of place, including:

  • Mapzone, which covers map skills, geography topics, GIS and offering plenty of interactive games and quizzes for primary school students.

EDINA’s Digimap for Schools is now free for all schools to download until July 31st. They also offer several homeschooling resources for primary school pupils and webinars for teachers.

Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park developed a Literary Landscapes education resource in partnership with Cairngorms National Park to explore the place names of Scotland’s National Parks. Free activity worksheets are available for download.

Natural Resources Wales offers a range of learning resources for primary and secondary school students that can be searched for by topic (from sustainable development to mathematics and numeracy outdoors), Key Stage or site.

WaterAid have resources online with lessons, worksheets and powerpoints for primary and secondary school students, including Key Stage 1Key Stage 2Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Esri UK provides students studying for their A Levels and GCSEs with home and revision resources, including story maps and videos.

UNEP & Ted Ed launch Earth School, a free and immersive 30 day adventure for students, aged 5-18, to connect with, explore and celebrate nature.


Ordnance Survey offer a selection of puzzles from their two Puzzle Books to challenge young map reading skills. All are available for download in PDF format, and answer sheets are supplied.

Mini Map Makers provide fun resources to keep primary school children occupied with geography and mapping exercises. They offer free mapping activities for download as well as workbooks available for purchase.

Get Kids into Survey offer a variety of free resources to help primary school children learn about the world around them. These include colouring sheets and comic strips to download and print, along with posters and associated activity sheets.

British Geological Survey’s OneGeology Kids allow primary school children to explore geological themes, from fossils to earthquakes to water, on this interactive website. BGS also offer geological map resources – everything from a customisable UK geology map to 3D maps in Minecraft; geoscience craft activities and games; and a new series of videos on geology experiments you can try at home.

NASA’s STEM @ Home provides activities for the whole family: Grades K-4, Grades 5-8 and Grades 9-12.

Bruce Gittings’ Gazetteer for Scotland provides information on the geography and people of Scotland, and is ideal for exploring the country or taking quizzes. For other historical maps, visit: Old Maps Online and David Rumsey Map Collection.

Andrew Zolnai offers older students Beginner and Advanced mapping exercises.

Lindsey the GIS Professional is available for purchase and is perfect for encouraging spatial thinking for Grades 1-5! There are also free activity sheets available to download to help children become more aware of the world around them.

Ordnance Survey’s Get Outside – Inside is a collaborative campaign to keep families entertained and inspired while self-isolating. The new hub offers:

  • Live broadcasts from OS GetOutside Champions as well as other athletes, experts and celebrities
  • Home-based challenges and fun online events
  • Virtual reality walks, tips and advice for learning map, survival and camping skills
  • Podcasts, movies, books and magazine recommendations
  • Regular live Q&A sessions with OS GetOutside Champions, athletes and experts
  • Loads of outdoor kit prizes from Outdoor Industries Association members and partners


Beano offers a variety of fun map and geography quizzes.

World Geography Games has a plethora of quizzes that let children play and learn about geography.

Blogs and Articles

Geography in Home Education

Geospatial resources for schools, by Thierry Gregorius

The Geospatial Commission and the Government Geography Profession have put together an interactive homeschooling newsletter on geography and STEM resources for all ages.

GEO Awesomeness showcases different ways to keep your kids and yourselves busy with maps during the lockdown.


Lauren Holland’s webinar explaining Land Surveying for Kids can be viewed for free and is a great way to inspire the next generation!

If you have home schooling resources, please share them with us: info@agi.org.uk