How do you scale AI responsibly?

Informed Solutions

Organisations of all sizes are adopting AI with increasing pace and scale. This surge of interest and uptake is being driven by the exponential growth of available data, which, when set alongside the huge increases in computational power provided by cloud computing, and the commoditisation of AI software tools and frameworks makes AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies ever-more attractive.

So, whilst the benefits and advancements are becoming clearer by the week, the introduction of AI and ML-based technologies should not be rushed, particularly for organisations operating in complex or highly regulated environments. Indeed, for regulators that serve and protect those industries a dual challenge is presented: How do regulators best regulate AI across industry segments, and how can they themselves take advantage of AI to regulate those industries and assure safe and ethical deployment of autonomous systems.

An insightful take on the AI assurance challenge by Informed’s David Lawton with support from Assuring Autonomy International Programme director John McDermid
with thanks to Digital Leaders

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