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How integration and collaboration is supporting efficient dredging operations

OceanWise and Foreshore Technology have collaborated to integrate real-time, accurate tide level data into the ‘Dredge Master System’, allowing dredging operators to dredge and navigate based on current water levels.

“The integration of the Dredge Master system with OceanWise is highly beneficial during dredging operations. The tide gauge provides real-time and accurate tide level data, allowing me to dredge and navigate based on current water levels. This ensures efficient dredging operations by optimising dredge depth. All necessary information is displayed in one place and the combination of these technologies enhances dredging accuracy, minimises environmental impact, and improves overall operational effectiveness, whilst, at the same time, being extremely user-friendly.” M Owczarzak, Master UKD Marlin, UK Dredging

OceanWise and Foreshore Technology teamed up to integrate the Dredge Master System and the environmental data platform Port-Log, bringing together all the data that operators need into one place, reliably and in real-time.

The majority of ports within the UK are maintained by trailer, excavator and plough dredgers using the Dredge Master System from Foreshore Technology, which is used all over the world and has clocked up over 1.5 million hours of dredging.

The system provides an easy-to-use interface which allows operators to monitor their dredging equipment and the surrounding environment in real-time.

“Our clients rely on accurate and timely tide data for their dredging operations. Integrating with OceanWise’s Port-Log system has enabled us to provide rich features that not only shows the current tide levels but dynamically shows areas of safe passage based on the vessels current draft.  OceanWise provided us with a test server, login details,  excellent documentation and support, all of which made the development process straight forward and allowed us to provide a solution in record time. James Neary, Software Director, Foreshore Technology

The Port-Log Platform

Port-Log is a quick and easy storage and publishing solution for environmental data from OceanWise Ltd. It is used all over the world and can be delivered as a pure cloud-based subscription or, as with the Dredge Master System, can be easily integrated so that it provides data into other 3rd party systems / platforms.

Flexible, configurable and with proven reliability, Port-Log is totally instrument and transmission independent and hence can be deployed to suit almost any application and environment. If you would like to learn more about Port-Log, have a specific data integration requirements or another challenge that you’d like OceanWise to help with, please contact them on info@oceanwise.eu / 01420 76826 /www.oceanwise.eu

For more details or questions on the Dredge Master System please contact Foreshore Technology on  info@foreshoretechnology.com /  0044 (0) 1173 183977  / https://www.foreshoretechnology.com /

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