AGI FAQ’s – I am the lead on my organisation membership, how do I manage my personal event records?

As the lead on an AGI Associate or Partner membership you will be responsible for the management of your organisations account.

You will be able to manage the renewal process, request and pay invoices and manage your team of named members

If you would like to keep your personal Event records separate from your organisation, we recommend that you set yourself up as a named member.

As AGI portal will not allow two accounts with the same email address or username. You can either change the organisation membership to a generic email address i.e., info@ or you can set yourself up as a named member using a personal email address.

As a named member you will be able to record and view any of AGI events you attend personally.

You will find your named member Link within your organisation’s membership ‘My Account’ page. Simply copy the link into your browser and you will be able to continue to register as an individual.

Named member screenshot

If you need any further guidance, please feel free to contact the AGI office on