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Keeping Britain moving – carrying out works safely on the highway

Well managed streetworks are essential to keep Britain moving.

Street and roads are dug up by utilities to bury assets such as high speed fibre broadband, gas, electricity and water, whilst local councils have the responsibility for maintenance.

Having a unique Street Works Act (SWA) code means that organisations can safely carry out works on the highway.

If you don’t have a unique Street Works Act (SWA) code, then you cannot carry out works in the street – but the list of SWA codes itself must be usable, dependable, and authoritative.

GeoPlace has undertaken a complete review and rebuild of the SWA code list, using its experience in data management to overcome some inherent challenges. The list itself had not been reviewed for some time, the result is a project that ensured 100% confidence for authorities and stakeholders engaged in streetworks or researching liability and responsibility for assets.

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