New 1Integrate rules engine project with Environment Agency

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1Spatial’s 1Integrate Platform as a Service (PaaS) deployment to provide new charge calculation capability

Cambridge, UK, 12th October 2022, ( 1Spatial, the global geospatial software and solutions company, is delighted to announce that following a competitive evaluation, it has been awarded a new 1Integrate project with the Environment Agency (EA), an executive non-departmental public body of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). EA have used the Defra 1Integrate enterprise licence agreement, to license 1Spatial’s 1Integrate via its cloud-based Platform as a Service (PaaS) deployment model, and also to procure 1Integrate product training and implementation services.

EA will use 1Integrate, part of the 1Spatial Platform, to introduce a new charge calculation capability, as part of the EA’s new single regulatory services platform. EA are aiming to develop a common approach to charging and billing across the organisation’s digital systems. This will improve the way regulated customers interact with Government and deliver stable, flexible, and interoperable systems to store and manage workflow activities. The EA’s core regulatory activities include determining and issuing permits, charging an annual subsistence charge for the permit, tracking performance against the conditions of the permission, assessing, and reporting on compliance and pursuing enforcement action where necessary.

The EA regulates approximately 25,000 permitted sites across regulated industries including waste management, food and drink and intensive farming. With more than 100,000 permits granted every year, the EA is transforming how it engages with those it regulates. The nature of EA’s charge algorithms is a good fit with business logic implemented in a rules engine such as 1Integrate.

1Spatial has worked with EA over the past ten years to support and develop its data management, data governance and data quality capabilities. 1Integrate is 1Spatial’s patented rules engine which executes business and technical rules to data. Business and technical rules are simple statements that encode logical expressions. A rules-based approach enables EA to create charging and billing rules so that they can be separated from application code and executed in a consistent and automated workflow. EA will be using 1Integrate delivered by 1Spatial’s PaaS model, deployed on Microsoft Azure. This deployment takes advantage of the near limitless cloud compute and storage capability to quickly provide a scalable, secure, and robust customer experience.

Commenting on the project award, Matthew White, 1Spatial’s Senior Business Development Manager said: “We are delighted to be supporting our existing customer EA to help introduce a new charging and billing capability for its single regulatory services platform, by using 1Integrate’s rules engine. 1Integrate rules for charging and billing will align with user needs and business objectives. Using the 1Integrate no-code development environment will enable EA to prototype and test rules, and validate that they are both realistically declarative and achievable.”

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