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New Localisation Options in Improved 1Data Gateway

Cambridge, UK, 6th April 2022, (www.1spatial.com) 1Spatial, the global software and solutions leader, is improving their platform, adding a new language option and UI/UX enhancements to its data submission portal, 1Data Gateway.

1Data Gateway 2.5 is packed full of new features making it easier for data contributors to submit their data. A new Optional Data Submission feature allows contributors to submit exceptions to validations, and new integration with Esri ArcGIS Online adds another simple method of user authentication and authorisation.

Alongside new features, a new Welsh-language option, and updated support for 1Integrate 3.2, there are also improvements to areas such as schema mapping, allowing contributors to see the Target schema and easily select attributes from drop-downs.

Michael Martin, Director of Consultancy at 1Spatial Inc. says: “This release is great for data contributors and streamlining our processes. We’re using new email notifications to receive an email upon successful submission, or for submissions that need my attention. Authenticating and authorising via ArcGIS Online makes user group maintenance easier, and the new Schema mapping is now also so much quicker, with easy selection of attributes from the target schema. Overall, this release is a huge time saver!”

Ricardo Cifres, Senior Product Manager for 1Data Gateway says: “This new release comes with many improvements to the user interface. The possibility of copying assignments as well as deleting Projects, Specifications and Assignments makes the administrators’ lives even easier, and new PDF reports provide clear and concise information. We’ve also continued expanding our localisation options, adding Welsh language to support a national project, and we have more languages in the pipeline. 1Data Gateway truly brings our rules-based technology to a worldwide audience.”

1Data Gateway is used with 1Integrate to ensure compliance of data for use across the enterprise and provides automated data validation, cleaning, transformation and enhancement. It enables users to assess the quality of data to ensure it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose.

If you would like to find out more about 1Data Gateway, and the rest of the 1Spatial Platform, please get in touch.


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