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OceanWise technical expertise boosts iCoast re-launch

OceanWise are proud to announce their involvement in the recent iCoast renovation project. The iCoast website, found at www.icoast.co.uk, is an open access web application providing users the ability to quickly explore activities and plan days out at the Dorset coast.

A simple map interface allows users select and view activities at the Dorset coast. Activities appear on the map as a small icon which can be queried to find out more information and add to the kitbag for later. Users can also add weather, tide and transport information to the map, making exploring and planning days out in Dorset a breeze!

OceanWise contributions

OceanWise have delivered a brand new front-end (the mapping web pages exposed to the customer), re-written from the ground up to improve the usability and speed of the system. The new front-end benefits from improved navigation, more up-to-date activity details and better accessibility on mobile devices. Old technology has been updated to ensure the system is futureproofed for years to come.

OceanWise have also developed a bespoke Content Management System (CMS) for iCoast, allowing organisations to quickly and easily update details about their activities and facilities. The CMS is great for any organisation on the Dorset coast interested in improving their visibility to Dorset coast tourists online.

George Wright, Information Systems Developer at OceanWise, and lead on the iCoast project commented “It has been a pleasure working on a project. We are really happy with the result and feel that iCoast is now an indispensable tool for those visiting the Dorset coastline. The project has been a fantastic learning experience for OceanWise, and we look forward to working with Dorset Coast Forum on future stages of iCoast.”

iCoast’s renovation and re-launch is part of Dorset Coastal Connections, a portfolio of 18 connected projects which aim to improve physical, digital and emotional connections to the coast in Dorset, supporting and growing the local economy. Dorset Coastal Connections is a partnership project supported by the Coastal Communities Fund.

Dorset Coastal Connections – people and places is a portfolio project connecting and coordinating 18 coastal sites across Dorset, from Christchurch to Lyme Regis. The range of projects connects our urban coastal areas to rural coastal areas works to promote and sell the Dorset coast as a whole. It is funded by the Coastal Community Fund as well as partner organisations.

This work is coordinated by the lead partner Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) who are hosted by Dorset Council (DC). DCF has a proven track record of project delivery on the Dorset coast. DC are the accountable body for this project and the lead project delivery partners include: Lyme Forward, Dorset Council, BCP Council, Dorset Wildlife Trust, The Arts Development Company, Bridport Town Council, Dorset AONB, Bounce Back Arts.

About OceanWise

OceanWise Ltd is an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data and knowledge management and GIS providing customers with comprehensive and cost effective end-to-end marine and coastal data management and decision support including:

• Intelligent Marine Mapping (Raster Charts, Raster Charts XL, Marine Themes Vector & DEM

• Marine Data Management Policy and Strategy Advice and Training

• Enterprise GIS and Productivity Tools (Maritime Toolbar and Workflow Extensions)

• Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing (Ocean Database and Port-Log.net)

For more information about OceanWise, please contact Mr John Pepper, Marketing Director, at john.pepper@oceanwise.eu or visit www.oceanwise.eu

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