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Precisely announces version 2019.3 of MapInfo Pro

Precisely strongly encourages customers to stay current by upgrading to the latest release for MapInfo Pro.

This is a full install taking MapInfo over to the Precisely family of software products. You do not need a new Serial Number if you already have version 2019. The install routine will uninstall your old version before installing this new one.

Feature Additions in this Release

New Precisely Branding and API endpoints – You will notice a lot of Purple now! the API endpoints that power GeoMap base maps, Geocoding, and Drivetime services within MapInfo Pro have also moved over to Precisely servers. You may need to re-register for these services (using the same credentials). Registering also gives you the access to the Marketplace feature within MapInfo.

NOTE:You will need to update to this latest version of MapInfo Pro v.2019.3 to maintain access to these features.

New LiDAR tools:

Surface Analysis – Provides limited triangulation capabilities to a standard MapInfo Pro user – more available in Advanced.

Tree Canopy Analysis – Enables three different methods for canopy cover analysis.

These features allow you to take in numerous LiDAR .las or .laz files and process them. The Surface and Tree Canopy analysis requires the raw LiDAR data, which contains additonal readings to just a height value. In our tests with the open data from the Scottish Remote Sensing Portal revealed that those laz files had already been sanitised.

Python Console window – Edit and execute Python code interactively from within MapInfo Pro using the Python console window.

Numerous Enhancements and Product Updates

Software and Release Notes Link

To download the software itself – MapInfo Pro v.2019.3

Along with details of the fixes and new features contained within this release that can be found in the associated MapInfo Pro Release Notes

Precisely changes

The migration of systems and websites from Pitney Bowes Software to Precisely has been more or less completed. There is still more content to be added but you will find everything from the main site of

Note that Precisely direct support services have also changed over. We do encourage users to tap into the vast resources of the new(ish) Knowledge Community, where you will find hoardes of useful articles, search for items, ask questions and make product improvement suggestions – and not just MapInfo…

If you need to get in touch with us, we ask that all initial communications are performed by email to as the best route to responding to you in a timely manner. We are all working mostly from home.

Best wishes everyone and we shall be in touch again soon.

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