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OceanWise will be explaining how to reliably and cost-effectively transmit real-time environmental monitoring data from any sensor to any user at Ocean Business 2019. Data anywhere to anyone!

The transmission of data, known as ‘data telemetry’, is often the unsung hero of any environmental and metocean monitoring programme, but this essential component does not get the attention it deserves, and is consistently the weak link in any system, thus leading to data loss, frustration and potential re-work.

Why is telemetry important to environmental monitoring?

Think of it like a car engine. You need your engine to turn on and run reliably, be cost-effective and reactive to your commands (i.e. when you accelerate – the car accelerates) – if the engine doesn’t respond then the car, no matter how new or expensive it is, is not fit for purpose. Data transmission is much the same – if the telemetry unit (data logger/modem) is not acquiring or storing your data efficiently, not transmitting it reliably, or not sending it in the right format, when you need it – then it can waste time and effort, and importantly put your operations at risk.

Why does OceanWise care?

As marine data experts, OceanWise’s customers include over 70% of the UK’s major ports, specialising in delivering environmental monitoring systems, and providing advice and consultancy, system design and integration, and installation and maintenance services, utilising sensors from all major equipment and sensor providers.

At the heart of any robust monitoring programme is a reliable good telemetry system

In response to market need, OceanWise collaborated with leading telecommunication provider, Scannex, to develop a Smart Telemetry solution, known as the ‘ip.buffer’. Since its launch over four years ago, the ip.buffer has surpassed our expectations in terms of its robustness, reliability, and flexibility time and time again. Dr Mike Osborne, Managing Director of OceanWise, comments, “We are not aware of any other data logger/modem past or present able to perform to the standard of the ip.buffer”.

Talk to any of the OceanWise team on their stand (R6) during the show or attend the free training session on Wednesday 10th April at Ocean Business on “Reliable, Smart and Secure Data Transmission”. During this session you will learn why you should care about good data transmission, what Smart Telemetry is, and how OceanWise’s proven technology can provide the solution to unreliable data transmission, even in the most hostile of marine environments.

About OceanWise

OceanWise Ltd is an independent company specialising in all aspects of marine environmental data acquisition, data and knowledge management and GIS providing customers with comprehensive and cost effective end-to-end marine and coastal data management and decision support including:

• Intelligent Marine Mapping (Raster Charts, Raster Charts XL, Marine Themes Vector & DEM

• Marine Data Management Policy and Strategy Advice and Training

• Enterprise GIS and Productivity Tools (Maritime Toolbar and Workflow Extensions)

• Environmental Data Sharing and Publishing (Ocean Database and Port-Log.net)

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