Restore our Earth – Earth Day 2021

It’s Earth Day 2021 and the theme for this year is “Restore Our Earth”. It’s easy to reflect on the last twelve months and focus on the pandemic, but I think what is most important for us at 1Spatial is taking the things we’ve learned and leveraging them as we look to improve our future.

What has 2020 shown us about our impact on the environment and how we can adapt to change as we continue to grow as a business?

We’ve seen the true power of remote interactions, and driven innovation from home. It’s easy to understate the significance of Teams, Zoom and any other tool you use for collaboration – not least of all in the context of environmental impacts.

Through our efforts to embrace remote work, we’ve seen a significant reduction in travel. The positive impact this has on the environment is clear, and we’re taking that forward with improved flexible working options and working with customers to keep remote meetings at the forefront of our interactions.

Acknowledging the impact that necessary travel has on the environment is also important to us, and you will have seen that we have taken steps to offset flights from our Head Office in the UK. Even with the reduced travel of 2020 the 1Spatial donation will help the Woodland Trust care for enough woodland to capture around 44 tonnes of carbon.

Our next lesson was the importance of teamwork, and how a strong sense of community action can help drive workplace and environmental innovation. We set-up community activities throughout the pandemic, including the recent global sunflower growing competition, and continued to focus on how we can best raise money for charitable causes. One example being that we chose to pair the toilets in our Head Office with toilets around the world, thanks to the excellent work of Toilet Twinning.

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