Scottish Geospatial Integrator

AGI-Scotland warmly welcomes the announcement by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise and the Geospatial Commission of a Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator. This brings a new focus to our industry and is the first step in extending and developing the opportunities for new and existing businesses, supporting entrepreneurship and greater innovation in the use of geospatial across a range of industry sectors.

Scotland has a healthy geospatial sector but research by Scottish Enterprise has shown that more support is needed to encourage greater cooperation. The Integrator aims to promote networkbuilding, collaboration and growth opportunities to enhance the importance of the sector within Scotland and leverage value from existing expertise, technology and data, while also bringing inward investment.

This will underpin success nationally and internationally not only for start-ups and our innovative researchers, but established Scottish companies and organisations. The COVID-19 pandemic has
shone a light on the importance of location, digital and data. The Geospatial Network Integrator should help us capitalise on this momentum and nurture an increased pace in the transformational
power of location.

The Association for Geographic Information in Scotland intends to work as part of the Integrator to ensure success, fulfilling its mission to facilitate a thriving geospatial community and actively support a sustainable future. AGI educates and supports all existing and new practitioners and participants in the industry, in order to maximise the benefits delivered by GI, and to develop awareness of its potential.

Bruce Gittings, Chair of AGI Scotland, said:

“Scotland has a remarkable track record of geospatial firsts and benefits from a pool of outstanding GI professionals working here. I see the Scottish Geospatial Network Integrator as a crucial
springboard in building our industry and bringing this to success on an international stage.”

The AGI exists to represent the interests of the UK’s geospatial industry. We lead, connect and develop a community of individual and corporate members who use and benefit from geographic information.

Alan Moore, Chief Executive of thinkWhere said:

“As a SME providing geospatial technology and data services I’m excited by the establishment of the Scottish GeoSpatial Network Integrator. Building on Scotland’s existing track record of innovation and pioneering developments in the geospatial industry, the Network Integrator will be a catalyst for greater connectivity and collaboration on a cross-sectoral basis that will yield growth, innovation and new opportunities.”

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in Scotland, with registration number SC005336.

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