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Streamlined Data Compliance with 1Data Gateway

Cambridge, UK, May 15th 2023, (www.1spatial.com) 1Spatial, the global provider of geospatial software and solutions for improved data governance, are pleased to announce improvements to their data submission portal, 1Data Gateway. The two latest releases further simplify data management within their platform and offer support for the ground-breaking new release of 1Integrate 4.0. 

1Data Gateway now supports the much-anticipated release of 1Integrate 4.0, meaning users can leverage the host of improvements made to 1Integrate – speeding up rule writing, boosting efficiency and streamlining data processing.  

The UI has been enhanced to enable analysis at-a-glance, including the ability to filter submissions by supplier and user, and to optionally include data about rejected submissions within the dashboard. The Map Viewer has also been upgraded, giving users a more intuitive experience when viewing data. The new viewer improves on the customisation available in 1Data Gateway, giving organisations additional options to define map styling and layers.  

The latest releases of 1Data Gateway provide a variety of features focused on simplifying processes and reducing effort spent on repetitive manual tasks. Sharing and replication of important project settings is easier than ever with the new capability to export and import project configurations. Improvements to the REST API allow for quick and simple creation of suppliers and users. 

Michael Martin, Director of Consultancy at 1Spatial commented: “The new import and export capability within 1Data Gateway greatly improves the process of delivering solutions and promoting configurations throughout different environments (e.g. Development, Test and Production). It greatly reduces the risk of introducing manual errors when rebuilding project definitions, and the configuration can now also be stored in a version repository for maintenance and recovery.” 

Robert Chell, Chief Product Officer at 1Spatial added: “Focusing on our users’ real needs has always been important. Not just the functional features of product, but all features that help us speed up time to value. Full support for 1Integrate 4.0 was a key part of this, and a goal of v2.9 and v2.10. Some great improvements have been made for our users and our partners, improving the speed, consistency, and quality of how we release and deploy our world-class solutions that are enabled by 1Data Gateway.” 

1Data Gateway is used alongside 1Integrate to ensure compliance of data for use across the enterprise and provides automated data validation, cleansing, transformation and enhancement. It enables users to assess the quality of data to ensure it meets defined specifications and is fit for purpose.  


For more information on 1Data Gateway and the rest of the 1Spatial Platform, visit 1Spatial.com. 


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