UK Gemini Metadata Standard moves to GitHub

UK Gemini

Since the release of Version 2.3 of Gemini in 2018, the Gemini Working Group has been reviewing a set of changes for the next update. We are also improving the visibility of the process of maintaining the standard by moving various elements to GitHub. The schematron files have been located there for a while, but that’s just one small part of the standard. The first step is to move the current issues log from its current location as a Google doc, then we’ll be looking at whether we can host the actual standards documentation on GitHub too. Throughout all of this we’re considering a more formal release process to make it easier for implementers and users to keep track of things. You can find the new home for Gemini at (there’s not much to see just yet). 

Why GitHub? It makes it much easier for people to report issues and to have visibility of the resolution process, to check back through historical communications, and even contribute fixes. It also allows us to handle different versions or releases more easily. While you will need to sign up for a GitHub username to submit an issue or contribute in any way, you’ll be able to see what’s going on just by visiting the link above. Watch this space, or if you’re interested in getting involved then contact the group via