AGI Scotland

AGI Scotland – New Digital Strategy

AGI Scotland are very pleased to see that the new Digital Strategy from Scottish government puts geospatial front and centre.

The Scottish Government is working with industry and academia to produce a Scottish Geospatial Roadmap, this will define the vision and future direction for Scotland’s geospatial information (location data). The direction will reflect the current strategic priorities but also address how we review these priorities going forward, enabling the Roadmap to become an agile document aligned to Scotland’s Digital Strategy and National Outcomes such as Programme for Government

The Scottish Geospatial Roadmap, was announced at our recent Annual event and reinvigorates Scotland’s long and ongoing aspiration to embolden its native geospatial industry – ensuring that entrepreneurship, enterprise and public policy all benefit from he many benefits that a geocentric approach can bring. As noted elsewhere Scotland has a proud tradition in this area that we wish to see continued.

AGI Scotland has engaged with Scottish Government with respect to the Geospatial Roadmap, and will continue to engage with government, industry and academia to ensure that the new strategy can be fruitfully applied to make real differences to Scotland’s environment, economy, people and quality of life. Similarly, we will also continue to work in partnership with other Scottish organisations that are endeavouring to ensure Scotland’s (geo) data-driven future becomes a reality – not least the Geospatial Network Integrator (now Location Data Scotland) and ScotlandIS.