Delivering Conservation at Scale

An organisation that is working to redefine and expand conservation across the UK is using Esri’s ArcGIS system to gain a deeper understanding of landscapes, habitats and species across a portfolio of land covering almost 30,000 acres.

Optimising Agri-Tech with Data Integration

Agri-EPI Centre stands at the forefront of revolutionising farming practices through cutting-edge technology. Born out of a need to promote sustainable and profitable food production, Agri-EPI utilises innovative solutions including robotics, autonomous systems, and data analytics. The vast data ecosystem that underpins their operations: integrating diverse data from a myriad of sources into a coherent, actionable catalogue, presented a significant … Read More

Birmingham Creates Interactive Mapping Portal using Bluesky Tree Data


Trees are a vital part of our world and help provide a more healthy and sustainable environment. Increasing the number of trees and tree canopies has the potential to make areas healthier and better to live in and help fight climate change. Birmingham City Council was the first Local Authority in the UK to publish an Urban Forest Master Plan … Read More

Beyond Property to a Deeper Understanding of Customer and Neighbourhood

Torus is one of the North West’s largest social landlords and is an active developer of affordable homes aiming to build 5,600 new homes by 2026, a development programme worth in the region of £1bn. Underpinning everything is the drive to create and grow stronger communities requiring a deeper understanding of challenges, insights and assets at a neighbourhood level to … Read More

Location, location, location – AGI Interview

The Association for Geographical Information

AGI Chair Denise McKenzie and past Chair Matthew Leaver were invited to talk to CES about the dangers and the power of location data. We share that location data willingly with the GNSS signal for a satnav, but often it is taken and shared without any knowledge at all. In the age of Big Brother what do we really know … Read More