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UK GEMINI id Element name Obligation Number of occurrences Dataset and series Service Revision date
1 Title Mandatory Single March 2019
2 Alternative title Optional Multiple March 2019
3 Dataset language Mandatory Multiple n/a September 2018
4 Abstract Mandatory Single March 2019
5 Topic Category Mandatory when the data resource is a dataset or dataset series. Not applicable to services. Multiple n/a March 2019
6 Keyword Mandatory Multiple May 2018
7 Temporal extent Mandatory for datasets and dataset series Multiple May 2018
8 Dataset reference date Mandatory Multiple March 2019
10 Lineage Mandatory Single n/a March 2019
15 Extent Optional Multiple August 2010
16 Vertical extent information Optional Multiple March 2019
17 Spatial reference system At least one coordinate reference system shall be given Multiple March 2019
18 Spatial resolution Conditional - where a resolution distance can be specified Multiple March 2019
19 Resource locator Conditional - Must be supplied when online access is available Multiple July 2009
21 Data format Mandatory Multiple n/a March 2019
23 Responsible organisation Mandatory Multiple July 2009
25 Limitations on public access Mandatory Multiple September 2018
26 Use constraints Mandatory Multiple September 2018
27 Additional information Optional Single n/a October 2018
30 Metadata date* Mandatory Single May 2018
33 Metadata language* Mandatory Single September 2018
35 Metadata point of contact* Mandatory Multiple July 2009
36 Resource identifier Mandatory for datasets and dataset series Multiple n/a May 2018
37 Spatial data service type Mandatory Single n/a July 2009
38 Coupled resource Conditional - mandatory for View and Download services, optional for other service types. Multiple n/a March 2019
39 Resource type* Mandatory Single July 2009
41 Conformity Mandatory Multiple March 2019
43 Equivalent scale Optional Multiple July 2009
44 Bounding box Mandatory Multiple December 2012
45 File Identifier* Mandatory Single March 2019
47 Hierarchy level name* Conditional, required when Resource type (ISO hierarchyLevel) is not "dataset". Single March 2019
48 Quality scope Mandatory Multiple March 2019
49 Parent identifier* Optional Single May 2018
50 Spatial representation type Mandatory Multiple n/a May 2018
51 Character encoding Conditional (mandatory if an encoding is used that is not based on UTF-8, otherwise optional) Multiple n/a May 2018
52 Data quality Conditional: Topological consistency report is mandatory if the dataset includes types from the INSPIRE Generic Network Model and does not assure centerline topology (connectivity of centrelines) for the network, otherwise optional Multiple n/a May 2018
53 Maintenance information Optional Multiple n/a May 2018
* indicates metadata on metadata

Note. Element numbers 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 22, 28, 29, 31, 32, 40 and 42 have been omitted because they were used to identify elements that have now been deleted from the Standard, and have not been reallocated to avoid confusion.

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