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The AGI's Mission

The mission of the AGI is to maximise the use of Geographic Information (GI) for the benefit of the citizen, good governance, and commerce.

The Role of the AGI

We champion the value that the intersection of geography and information has for the economy, business, and for the individual.

The AGI exists to represent the interests of the UK's GI industry. As the Association for Geographic Information, we lead, connect and develop a community of members who use, or benefit from geographical information.

The AGI membership comprises individuals and organisations from a wide range of industries, across many sectors, who share a common interest in geographic information. The AGI is an independently-funded and impartial organisation which aims to educate and support all existing and new practitioners and participants in the industry, in order to maximize the benefits delivered by GI, and to develop awareness of the potential of GI outside the current scope of the industry.

The AGI works in collaboration with sponsors, other industry bodies and member organisations to realise its mission. It has represented the views of its members to government and other decision makers for over 25 years, and as the respected voice in GI, is THE membership body for everyone with an interest in or involvement with geographic information.

The role of the AGI is to provide thought leadership in collaboration with our members, to challenge and develop our members, and, perhaps most importantly, to do this in a way that captures the enthusiasm of a strong network of professionals, bringing out the sense of passion and fun that happens when people are focused on what they do best.

The terms Geographic Information (GI) and geospatial are used across the site dependant on context, with GI referring to technologies and data, and geospatial referring to the industry and processes.


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